The ENE KB3930 is a highly customized embedded controller (EC) for notebook platforms. The embedded controller contains industrial standard 8051 microprocessor and provides function of i8042 keyboard controller basically. KB3930 is embedded LPC interface used to communicate with Host. KB3930 is designed with Shared-ROM architecture. The EC firmware and system BIOS will co-exist in single SPI flash. The embedded controller also features rich interfaces for general applications, such as PS/2 interface, Keyboard matrix encoder, PWM controller, A/D converter, D/A converter, Fan controller, SMBus controller, GPIO controller, PECI controller, one wire master, SPI controller, voltage comparator and extended interface (ENE Serial Bus) for more applications, like capacitive touch button application and GPIO extender. Compared with last generation of KB3926 series, KB3930 added PECI/OWM, another 2 SMBus, another 2 Fan tachometers, enhanced SPI host/slave controller, voltage comparator, internal oscillator for newest application. KB3930 also improves structure of other modules including 8051, XBI, LPC, IKB, FAN, WDT, GPIO, ESB, EDI. For detail improvement, please refer the related section.

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