MAXIM 17511G




The MAX17411/MAX17511/MAX17511C/MAX17511N/ MAX17511T are dual-output, step-down, constant on-time Quick-PWMK controllers for VR12/IMVP-7 CPU core supplies. The controllers consist of two high-current switching power supplies for CPU and GFX cores. The CPU regulator (regulator A) is a three-phase constant on-time architecture. The GFX regulator (regulator B) is also constant on-time architecture. The MAX17411 supports 2-phase operation and the MAX17511/MAX17511C/MAX17511N/MAX17511T support 1-phase operation. The MAX17411/MAX17511/ MAX17511C/MAX17511N/MAX17511T include two internal drivers on regulator A and one internal driver on regulator B. External drivers such as the MAX17491 enable the additional phases. Both regulator A and regulator B include output voltage sensing and accurate load-line gain. Switching frequencies are programmable from 200kHz to 600kHz per phase. Output overvoltage protection (OVP, MAX17411/ MAX17511/MAX17511C/MAX17511N), undervoltage protection (UVP), and thermal protection ensure effective and reliable operation. When any of these protection features detect a fault, the controller shuts down both outputs. The multiphase regulators include transient-phase overlap and active overshoot suppression, which speed up the response time and reduce the total output capacitance. The CPU and GFX outputs are controlled independently by writing the appropriate data into a functionmapped register file. VID code transitions and soft-start are enabled with a precision slew-rate control circuit. The SVID interface also allows each regulator to be individually set into a low-power, single-phase, pulse-skipping state to optimize efficiency. The MAX17411 is available in a 48-pin, 6mm x 6mm, TQFN package. The MAX17511/ MAX17511C/MAX17511N/MAX17511T are available in a 40-pin, 5mm O 5mm, TQFN lead-free package.

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