The MAX8730 highly integrated, multichemistry, batterycharger control IC simplifies construction of accurate and efficient chargers. The MAX8730 operates at high switching frequency to minimize external component size and cost. The MAX8730 uses analog inputs to control charge current and voltage, and can be programmed by a microcontroller or hardwired.The MAX8730 reduces charge current to give priority to the system load, effectively limiting the adapter current and reducing the adapter current requirements.The MAX8730 provides a digital output that indicates the presence of an AC adapter, and an analog output that monitors the current drawn from the AC adapter. Based on the presence and absence of the AC adapter, the MAX8730 automatically selects the appropriate source for supplying power to the system by controlling two external switches. Under system control, the MAX8730 allows the battery to undergo a relearning cycle in which the battery is completely discharged through the system load and then recharged.An analog output indicates adapter current or batterydischarge current. The MAX8730 provides a low-quiescent-current linear regulator, which may be used when the adapter is absent, or disabled for reduced current consumption.The MAX8730 is available in a small, 5mm x 5mm, 28- pin, thin (0.8mm) QFN package. An evaluation kit is available to reduce design time. The MAX8730 is available in a lead-free package.

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