ADC NCP NCKThe MAX8792 pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller provides high efficiency, excellent transient response, and high DC-output accuracy needed for stepping down high-voltage batteries to generate low-voltage core or chipset/RAM bias supplies in notebook computers. The output voltage can be dynamically controlled using the dynamic REFIN, which supports input voltages between 0 to 2V. The REFIN adjustability combined with a resistive voltage-divider on the feedback input allows the MAX8792 to be configured for any output voltage between 0 to 0.9VIN.Maxim’s proprietary Quick-PWM™ quick-response, constant-on-time PWM control scheme handles wide input/output voltage ratios (low-duty-cycle applications) with ease and provides 100ns “instant-on” response to load transients while maintaining a relatively constant switching frequency. Strong drivers allow the MAX8792 to efficiently drive large synchronous-rectifier MOSFETs.The controller senses the current across the synchronous rectifier to achieve a low-cost and highly efficient valley current-limit protection. The adjustable currentlimit threshold provides a high degree of flexibility, allowing thermally compensated protection using an NTC or foldback current-limit protection using a voltage-divider derived from the output.The MAX8792 includes a voltage-controlled soft-start and soft-shutdown in order to limit the input surge current, provide a monotonic power-up (even into a precharged output), and provide a predictable powerup time. The controller also includes output fault protection—undervoltage and overvoltage protection—as well as thermal-fault protection.The MAX8792 is available in a tiny 14-pin, 3mm x 3mm TDFN package. For space-constrained applications, refer to the MAX17016 single step-down with 10A, 26V internal MOSFETs available in a small 40-pin, 6mm x 6mm TQFN package.

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