TPS 51610




The TPS51610 is a fully Intel-compliant single-phase synchronous buck controller with integrated gate drivers designed for use in low-power CPUs and Intel integrated Graphics solutions for IMVP-6+ generation notebook systems. Advanced control features such as D-CAP architecture and OSR overshoot reduction provide fast transient response, lowest output capacitance and high efficiency. The TPS51610 DAC provides the 5-bit graphics “render” VID. The TPS51610 provides the full compliment of IMVP6+ I/O includingVR_TT, and PMON. Adjustable control of VCORE slew rate and voltage positioning round out the IMVP6+ features. In addition, the TPS51610 includes two high-current FET gate drivers to drive external N-channel FETs with low switching loss. The TPS51610 is available in the 5 × 5, 32-pin QFN and is rated to operate from -10°C to 105°C

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