W25X3216M-BIT, 32M-BIT, AND 64M-BIT SERIAL FLASH MEMORY WITH 4KB SECTORS AND DUAL OUTPUT SPIThe W25X16/W25X16A (16M-bit), W25X32 (32M-bit), and W25X64 (64M-bit) Serial Flash memories provide a storage solution for systems with limited space, pins and power. The 25X series offers flexibility and performance well beyond ordinary Serial Flash devices. They are ideal for code download applications as well as storing voice, text and data. The devices operate on a single 2.7V to 3.6V power supply with current consumption as low as 5mA active and 1µA for power-down. All devices are offered in space-saving packages.The W25X16/16A/32/64 array is organized into 8,192/16,384/32,768 programmable pages of 256- bytes each. Up to 256 bytes can be programmed at a time using the Page Program instruction. Pages can be erased in groups of 16 (sector erase), groups of 256 (block erase) or the entire chip (chip erase). The W25X16/16A/32/64 has 512/1024/2048 erasable sectors and 32/64/128 erasable blocks respectively. The small 4KB sectors allow for greater flexibility in applications that require data and parameter storage. (See figure 2.)The W25X16/16A/32/64 supports the standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), and a high performance dual output SPI using four pins: Serial Clock, Chip Select, Serial Data I/O and Serial Data Out. SPI clock frequencies of up to 75MHz are supported allowing equivalent clock rates of 150MHz when using the Fast Read Dual Output instruction. These transfer rates are comparable to those of 8 and 16-bit Parallel Flash memories.A Hold pin, Write Protect pin and programmable write protect, with top or bottom array control features, provide further control flexibility. Additionally, the device supports JEDEC standard manufacturer and device identification.

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